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The Friends of Agricultural Statistics and Analysis (FASA) is comprised of industry, non-governmental, and institutional stakeholders who rely upon the production of timely, accurate, and objective food, agricultural, rural economic, and resource statistics and market information. The FASA supports the maintenance and growth of agriculture, food, and resource statistics and analysis.


All FASA members are committed to increasing awareness of the importance of these resources to the agricultural sector. Group members advocate for funding for the U.S.’s investment in the statistical products and data, market and research information generated by the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) and Economic Research Service (ERS).


We are always seeking new members of FASA. Our main activities include: budget and appropriations monitoring and public comment; community building to support the FASA mission; and educational events that highlight the value of the agricultural statistics and analysis resource.


To be a member, your organization can choose to participate in all or only some of our activities. Thank you for any consideration.

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